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Newsletter #14 | Spring news

Hi fellow!

Here's the latest news from Entropy Records...

U P C O M I N G     E V E N T S

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Inner Signal | "Extremum" showcase May 20th, 2011

Free entrance @

Souffle Continu
20-22 rue Gerbier
75011 Paris (France)

M° Philippe Auguste
M° Voltaire

Album Out now click here...

Dmitriy Rodionov Experience / Reversed Consciousness
(New Live, forthcoming 2xCD out summer 2011)
18ème Boudoir (forthcoming LP & EP)
David Ya (forthcoming LP)
Masamune (dj Set.)
@ Ambiosonic Festival 2011 in south of France.

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Beatsystem | The Sound Of Two Eskimos Kissing

~ O U T   N O W ! ~

The Sound Of Two Eskimos Kissing Special Collector Edition is limited to 50 copies:
  • Neon crystal box packed in a fur sleeve.
  • CD audio (CD is pressed, no CDr!)
  • Hand-numbered

Beatsystem aka Derek Pierce were formed 1985 to play systems music in rock venues and clubs. It consisted of various members of staff and students from his place of work and proved an interesting and rewarding experience. It was however abandoned in 1987 when too many students left after finishing their courses. Beatsystem then decided to become studio based. After two minor hits with dance tracks for Island records he returned to his main interest, electronic and computer music. The decision to used Csound was made so as to get away from the usual sequencing/synthesiser based electronic music found in rock, pop and dance music and to use the sort of software used in so called serious music. This idea to use research based software and techniques was appealing to EM:T records who gave him a chance to record his own CD’s for them. The CD “ EM:T 2297 “ was released in 1997 to critical acclaim. EM:T2297 was considered the most experiment of the EM:T releases. In 1998 the original Emit owners did a runner with the artists’ money & stock, they have however re-launched in November 2003, but managed to collapse again after only a short spell of operation.

Beatsystem then began learning Max/MSP software so as to be able to bring another new slant to his music. This led to several new tracks and Beatsystem were then signed to the French based Entropy label “The sound of two Eskimos kissing” is Beatsystem’s first release for the label.

The track “Corston” was the first piece to use a delay system based on prime numbers written in Max/MSP giving it a unique and unpredictable quality.

“Bangalore to….” was a major project using Csound and Composer Desktop Project and has been performed several times using a full surround sound system. Original sounds recorded in Bangalore have been manipulated using this software as well as sounds constructed in Csound eg the “bell” sounds to wards the end of this piece.

The title piece is based on a radio programme he heard about the Artic and Eskimos ability to find each other in areas with no obvious landmarks. The under lying drone was constructed in Csound and used as the base for some guitar improvisations.

“Red Black and Ignorant” was written for a play and again features the prime number delay system and is heavily influence by the work of “Fripp and Eno”.

Other tracks include radical remixes/workings of tracks originally release on EM:T as well as other new material written for Entropy Records.

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Jan Linton | Buddha Machine Music

~ O U T   N O W ! ~

Buddha Machine Music is a limited edition featuring:
  • Mini CD audio (pressed, no CDr) in a crystal DVD case.
  • Printed cover, inlay and logo card.
  • Album designed bookmark.
  • Hand-numbered.

"Really nice work! Easily one of the best buddha machine remix/inspired albums out there!" C.Virant, FM3.

Japan-based musician Jan Linton returns with his first extended-and non Japanese-release for several years, in cooperation with the makers of the Buddha Machine, FM3. Titled "Buddha Machine Music", it continues the experimental themes and ambient techniques from his collaborations with Leo Abrahams (better known as Eno's regular guitarist), Richard Barbieri (ex Japan), Beatsystem (Derek Pierce),and his academic work under Dr. Joseph Hyde. Prior to this he released several albums and singles in the avant rock vein, from major and cult labels in Japan.

This mini album takes the sounds from Buddha Machines 1 and 2, and morphs them into complete pieces or songs with surprising results, combining them with some live solos of ethinic instruments such as the Chinese Zhongruan, (or, "Moon Guitar"), played by Linton.
The first piece is the best example of this; "Mao Zhongruan" is an introduction to the marriage between Buddha Machine samples-themselves influenced by Chinese sounds- and the addition of a solo on a traditional Chinese instrument through electronics.

"Maoduihuan Bla" takes the same sample as the previous track, but pitches it so low it becomes a heavy sub bass line; the track suddenly becomes a virtual band workout with circuit bent drum machines and fretless basses.

"B2 Dance (Wu Song)" uses the shortest and on the face of it, least useable of the original Buddha Machine and through extreme gating, produces a glitch rhythm and catchy melody of vocal looping.
"Shengxiaozhong" suggests the slow-moving antiquity of dust blowing into Beijing, rusty guitars and sustained solos played by Linton over the top of intriguing oriental sounds.

"Zhongruan Ceng Yu" is the central piece, 7 minutes of duration it is a magnum opus of wobbling ethnic string instruments treated through an analog synth input, interdispersed with single notes on a piano, sustaining ethereally. The track builds in intensity, and ends ominously with a final playing of the piano loop on the Buddha Machine.

The final track "Yang (Infinite Delay)" as it's name suggests stretches out the one Buddha Machine sound it uses until it morphs into a piano, along the lines of Robert Henke's Buddha Machine remixes.

Mastered by David Ya, this is an excellent audio experience for anyone interested in the Buddha Machine, exotic sounds coming out of the Orient, or in the unique combination of both at the hands of one of Japan and China's most experienced, resident western musicians.

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Listening Mirror | ...from dreams...

~ O U T   N O W ! ~

...from dreams... is a limited edition featuring:
  • Mini CDr audio in a crystal DVD case.
  • Printed cover, inlay and logo card.
  • Album designed bookmark.
  • Hand-numbered.

"Listening mirror is the ambient/drone project of Jeff Stonehouse. It has been in existence since October 2009, when it was formed as a duo with Kate Tustain. Kate withdrew from the project in January 2011.
Listening Mirror have released material on aReW Records, Somehow Recordings, Heat Death Records, Rural Colours, and now Entropy Records. Future releases are planned for Hibernate and Sweat Lodge Guru.

...from dreams... contains two tracks, 'Black Spring' and 'Lifting the Veil of Clouds'. Both tracks are true to the Listening Mirror ethos of 'using sound as a defence against itself' in which sounds that would normally seem banal, discordant or unpleasant are stretched and looped, their frequencies and harmonics seperated and recombined and then treated with a variety of effects to form a thing of beauty. To this drone are added field recordings and more traditional instruments such as guitar and piano.

'Black Spring' was written and recorded between the hours of 1am and 4am on a winters night in 2010. Jeff deliberately woke himself at 1am so that he would be writing in a half sleeping state, to see if he could illustrate that feeling of dreamlike fatigue in the piece. The dogs you hear were recorded out of the studio window, also during this 3 hour period.

'Lifting the Veil of Clouds' was begun in the Spring of 2010 but only finished in March of this year. Originally titled 'Amiga Genio' (Genius Friend), it lay dormant for a long time, having been recorded with the intention of adding Kate's amazing vocal talents, sadly this was not to be. The title is supposed to signify the rebirth of the piece, its re-emergence into the light of day."

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Entropy Records Digital

After a long work, I'm happy to present you the opening of Entropy Records Digital.

There you can find all the physical releases now available, for a reasonable price, in your choice of MP3 / FLAC (same price for any format !).

Next, there will be exclusive digtal LP & EP from new artists, stay tunned...

Others Releases

~ O U T   N O W ! ~

Atheus | Compile

Limited CD edition from Silent Seasons (10 copies available through the Entropy shop).

The latest release from Vancouver Island's Silent Season imprint, "Compile," collects ten compostions (nine previously available as vinyl-only releases) in CD form from Montreal's Serge Collin under his ATHEUS moniker.

Unlike the compositions on 2009's "Soundscape & Drones" that swayed through the ambient and drone fields of sound, "Compile" reflects mostly on ATHEUS' works in more beat driven sounds, spanning back to 2007.

Pulling from roughly six earlier EPs and 12 inch releases, "Compile" offers the first compilation of ATHEUS' exploration into more ambient and dub techno friendly territory.

The sound of "Compile" is an evaluative look into the percussion and synth driven compositions which focused on intrepreting the classic reach of the dub techno form. Not a single composition on "Compile" is beat-less - every track will drive and guide the listeners through the swirls and controls of a sound that pulls from the classic rhythms of dub. The range of sound is of course broad: subtle and more ambient plays on the sound are found on 2007's "InChain FX" (originally a single sided release), 2008's "Unendlich."

Those looking for more dance-floor friendly take on the dub sound will be pulled into the driving fields on 2010's "Einsatz" and "Dequandrant Redux" - both raise the tempo and work properly within a mix environment. Sitting in the middle position of the disc (and rightfully so) is the standout "Deploy" from 2007's "In Loving Memory 3:4" release shared with the like-minded sounds of Quantec and BVdub. While "Deploy" does not split the sound of the compilation, it does embody the classic sounds of explorative dub techno - controlled, minimal, and layered.
The sounds on "Compile" is clearly formed and sounds dynamic in all regards. The compositions on the release use the clinical building blocks of dub's base layer to explore the more swaying and undefined sound field above. Fans of the classic form will not be dissapointed.

More importantly, "Compile" offers those listeners struggling to compile a collection of ATHEUS' more beat driven sounds the opportunity to enjoy his previously limited pressing vinyl works in compilation form.

The collection of tracks was recently remastered by Anders Peterson of Stockholm's GS Mastering & Post. The end product delivers a strong CD of sounds impacting both within the headphone environment as it does on a proper sound system.
- Jeff Carvalho

Product info: Dual slot recycled cd sleeves made from 20pt chipboard and contain 100% Recycled Fibers that FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified. Each cd will be numbered and include a Silent Season sticker.

Mastered by A.P. at GS Mastering & Post

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Forthcoming Releases

Coming up next on the Entropy schedule:
  • EF.0018 | Beatsystem | The Sound Of Two Eskimos Kissing (Digital LP).
  • EF.0019 | Axs | Portrait / Virage (Digital EP including remix of Zzzzra).
  • EF.0020 | Mr Cloudy | Increase (Digital EP).
  • EE.004 | Lo | Soft Exposure (CD LP)
  • EP.001 | Slow Noise | The Cold Ground (CD EP)
  • EP.002 | Fischerle | Rozrost (CD EP)
  • ER.006 | Musicians With Guns | Using The Laxian Key (Special Collector 2xCD - very special package)
  • EE.005 | Dublicator | Spectrum(CD LP)
  • EE.006 | Grad_U | Sequences(CD LP)
  • more...

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