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Newsletter #16 | Dublicator | Spectrum (CD Out Now)


The new release of the /LP-Limited-Line/ is now available...
Due to many issues with the postal service (damaged boxes and CDs), I set up new shipping options and conditions. Also, to avoid any damage to the Audio CD surface of the L.L.L. product, the CD is put into a separate plastic sleeve...

Dublicator | Spectrum


Spectrum is a limited edtion to 100 copies:
  • Deluxe metal tin box.
  • Audio-CDr "Magenta Vinyl" design.
  • Sticker with info.
  • FREE bonus Digital EP "Spectrum / Rejected". 3 tracks with a remix of Fingers In The Noise. Instant download.

Tamás (Dublicator) was born in Pécs, Hungary, 1979. At the moment, he lives and works in Budapest. He became interested in electronic music in the early 90's. Since then, he released several EPs and albums, in various genres, under different aliases.

All tracks composed by Tamás Olejnik. Remixes by Alexandre Lehmann (Zzzzra), Sandro Smarcan (Organon), Laurent Bisch (Fingers In The Noise) & Rocco Biscione (Ocralab). Mastering and package concept designed by David Ya.

Thank you for buying this album and supporting independent labels and artists.
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More Info, Audio-Clips & Purchase HERE...


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