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Newsletter #18 | Grad_U: Sequences, The Resistance Of Aguilar: Tapes Part II...


The new release of the / LP-Limited-Line / is now available...
I set up some new interesting shipping options and conditions especially to protect and send the tin boxes safely to your home. Please, check carefully if you want standard envelop (more damage risk) or cardboard-box (safer) for an extra little cost. Also, to avoid any damage to the Audio CD surface of the L.L.L. product, the CD is put into a separate plastic sleeve.

Grad_U | Sequences

~ PRE-ORDER (OUT September 12th) ~

Sequences is a limited edtion to 100 copies:
  • Deluxe metal tin box.
  • Audio-CDr "Green Vinyl" design.
  • Sticker with info.

Sequences is a sound experiment captured using various synthesizers and fx units. It is a deep, beatless experience which contains hypnotic pads, dark drones,lush chords and melancholic textures accompanied by noises and crackles caused by the use of cheap microphones and improper connections between the sources and destinations of a complex sound matrix. Some of the machines was used only for the background noise while others made the rest of the concept.

Sequences recorded during sleepless nights of cold winter 2010.

All tracks composed by Aleksandr Martinkevič. Mastering and package concept designed by David Ya.

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Entropy Records Digital presents

The Resistance Of Aguilar: Tapes Part II

This FREE compilation was originally designed to support the Aguilar Dub Techno in France. Unfortunately, the local authorities cancel for no good reason...

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Vous n'avez pas écouté notre amour.

Maintenant, tendez l'oreille ! Ecoutez...


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