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Newsletter #22 | G.R.I.T. - Expanse

Happy Xmas!

G.R.I.T. | Expanse


Expanse is a limited edtion to 100 copies:
  • Deluxe tin box with softer plastic inner casing to house the CD.
  • Pro-Audio-CDr "Silver Vinyl" design.
  • CD is protected in a plastic Sleeve for transportation.
  • Full colour glossy sticker with info on the back side.
  • Release date & shipping of pre-orders: December 31st

All tracks recorded in the drone tunnel.
This is a re-issue & re-mastered album including two additional tracks:
Track #8 - Expanse (G.R.I.T. 2011 Rehydration) is a bonus remix track.
Track #9 - Hope (Dub Edit - Long Version) was previously released on Wired Thoughts but this version is the original full length mix.
All tracks produced by Gary Brackley. Mastering and package concept designed by David Ya.

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Paris / France

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Try before you buy, but buy before we die!

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