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Newsletter #25 | Slow Noise, Fischerle, Reversed Consicouness releases

Hello fellow music people...

Already we find February is upon us… 2012 has begun it's precessional marching by us in typically hasty fashion. Hopefully Entropy's work to date in 2012 will do it's bit to keep at bay any feelings of angst caused by the unstoppable work of Father Time. The release schedule thus far has been moving along in much the same way as the days and weeks of the year have, and looking at what's slated for the rest of the year suggests that, if anything, it's going to get busier! This spells good news for you, as more of music we know you love and the artists you already know of, will be finding a way into your lives. Alongside this, some of the upcoming artists who's demos we have been lucky enough to have had grace our lives here at Entropy will be making their way into the wider world for all yours enjoyment. Throw a few surprises in among this and our plans of 2012 being a groundbreaking year for Entropy should come to fruition.

This year our aim is to raise the profile of the label, and work harder to bring special releases to you each and every time we put something out. We're taking on extra help, to [hopefully] make everything run more smoothly and efficiently, from dealing with customer queries and dispatching orders, to giving more time to demo submissions and looking after the many [prized] artists who work with us. More of this exciting news and upcoming releases in the months to come but for the meantime, this months news, which consists of the addition of a new series to the catalogue. The EP line series is a new range of 3" cd releases contained within a concept deluxe triangular 8 panel tri-fold digisleeve packaging. With a nod to the likes of Rednetic and [the very sorely missed] Smallfish, these releases will be broadly aimed along the lines of dub techno, dub step, experimental and straight up techno, so in effect, completely unmissable from the outset, which brings us to EP.001:

Slow Noise | The Cold Ground


  • Deluxe triangular 8 panel digisleeve (Matt & 'spiral shape' varnish coating, black foam CD clip).
  • 3'' Audio-CD (full colours glossy label).

Slow Noise returns to Entropy Records with his magical dub techno touch, amazing technical prowess and the attention to detail which see him continuing to forge a path and make a name for himself within the scene. The Cold Ground is both his first dedicated release on the label and a truly barnstorming opener to the EP line series to boot. Previous Entropy appearances include a track each on both the Wired Thoughts & The Resistance Of Aguilar: Tapes Part II compilations. 'The Delph' on Wired Thoughts continues to feature in my own personal all time top rated tracks and here on The Cold Ground, Slow Noise continues to serve up dub of equally exceptional quality. Three tracks of the finest dub techno straight out of the UK and be sure to check out the killer baseline synth part in "Clique". Not to be missed, this debut EP line release is sure to be a sell out. Look out for an upcoming Slow Noise interview on his soon to be published artist page on the Entropy site.

More Info & Purchase HERE...

Fischerle | Rozrost


  • Deluxe triangular 8 panel digisleeve (Matt & 'spiral shape' varnish coating, black foam CD clip).
  • 3'' Audio-CD (full colours glossy label).

EP.002 sees a debut outing on Entropy Records for Fischerle with his Rozrost ep. Four tracks composing two shorts of dark ambient & two full dub techno tracks infused with pulses of instrumentation, glitch and processed sound "stains". Hailing from Poland and eschewing the common entry points into the genre such as Basic Channel, as well preferring an experimental approach to sound composition, Fischerle draws inspiration from Stravinsky and Morton Feldman with the collective results on this unmissable release culminating in cerebral touches of creative genius interspersed with groove driven dub techno. As well as the Fischerle moniker, you can find his work under a number of other aliases alongside collective projects, all of which we will detail on his upcoming artist profile. For now, go ahead and check out this gem.. we here at Entropy are proud to be bringing this artist's fantastic talent to a wider audience.

More Info & Purchase HERE...

Reversed Consciousness | Changes Of Consciousness Caused By Time Conditions


ER.007 is a collector limited edtion to 100 copies:
  • Gatefold A5 digifile varnish cardboard.
  • Each cover is an individual galaxy-painting of fluorescent dots which react to black light.
  • 1xPro-CDr "Silver on Gold chrome spray".
  • 1xPro-CDr "Gold on Silver chrome spray".
  • 1xPro-DVDr in a colour sleeve (green, red, yellow or blue).
  • All contained within a HQ plastic sleeve.
  • Discs are guaranteed for 100-300 years!

Back with Entropy under his Reversed Consciousness moniker, conceived especially for this project and the new direction it takes his music, Dmitriy Rodionov treats us to a truly exceptional work in Changes Of Consciousness Caused By Time Conditions. It would be absolutely no surprise at all if this album goes onto to draw comparisons to some of the pioneers of the Berlin School scene. Dmitriy delivers an exquisite crossover of ambient, synth driven electronica and rock guitar in a release which showcases his adroit musical and technical ability at its very best. Those of you familiar with his previous Entropy works will already be well acquainted with the ambient mastery which flows from Dmitriy's machines and instruments, but here, as Reversed Consciousness, the guitar and synth take a step up front making this work completely different but no less profound than that of the Dmitriy Rodionov Experience. The album title leads us some way to understanding the fascinating concepts and inspiration behind the making of this album whereby the human condition and the state of consciousness depend on what the current time is. More will be explained in our upcoming interview with Dmitriy, so if discovering more about the background of a release is your thing, be sure to keep an eye out for that. This release is also a first for Entropy in that it's accompanied by a DVD with additional tracks and visual work, which perfectly compliments the artists conceptual and artistic inspiration. Open your mind to something special from Dmitriy Rodionov and Entropy Records. Pre-order now……

More Info & Purchase HERE...

So to sum up for February, 2012 is getting off to a very busy and musical start… we hope you enjoy our offerings so far. A big thank you to all our artists for believing in Entropy and giving us the opportunity to support their fantastic music, and an equally large portion of gratitude to those who follow the label, whose support means we can continue our work with what we love most …. the music.

P.S. Orders placed between now and 27th February will be dispatched commencing 28th February… David is away skiing taking a well earned vacation.

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