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Newsletter #26 | G.R.I.T., Gradient, Fischerle, Martin Nonstatic, Dzenis Mantsevich, Herbstlaub, Machinefabriek, The Spaced Goats...


It's been a while since we last spoke. Many things have been keeping us Entropites off the radar since we last updated you. Firstly then apologies to anyway awaiting news from us. The past few months have kept us extremely busy, and the result, which we're certain you'll agree, is an amazing newsletter, stacked to the gunwales with the finest of releases. We won't surmise here, just dive in but be sure to check the detail and artists for each release. We are, for certain, extremely proud of the music we've collected together, resulting in this selection of truly essential releases..... but then we would say that ;) 


Gradient | Clarity From The Depths

Old school dub techno brought to life in 2012. It's not about using sounds to create layers but rather the correct use of SPACE to create the perfect environment for a dub techno production. With "Clarity From The Depths," Igor Arsenjev does just that; extremely minimalistic scores with muted dub chords and intentionally simple percussion of deep kicks and hi-hat punches. Talk about getting lost into the depths... Gradient continues to release solid material time and time again. This is top class minimal dub techno folks, don't miss out. reviewed by alternating_bit. EL.012 is a limited edition to 100 copies. All tracks produced by Igor Arsenjev.

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G.R.I.T. | Expanse (The Remixes)

The long-awaited release is available! Featuring 18 exclusive (and awesome!) remixes from:

Octal Industries, cv313, Quantec, Yagya, P. Laoss, Mr. Cloudy, Axs, Alteria Percepsyne, Octex, Grad_U, Liquid Level, Havantepe, Sage Taylor, Arc Of Doves, Mind Over MIDI, Overcast Sound, The Nautilus Project and Gradient.  EL.007 is a limited edition to 100 copies. (2xCD + bonus). 



This one really does do all the talking for itself!


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Martin Nonstatic | Afterglow

The Ep "Afterglow" was conceived during a video/sound session named "duoluxe" at the beginning of 2011. Editing sounds in realtime, influenced by video/artworks (like glow effects) was a special and new experience, and a good way to combine my heart and head together in the same direction, touching the roots of the Afterglow tracks...

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Fischerle | Necks Are Like Hallways

Fischerle - a project of modest response to the current flooding of the internet by academic and boring dub-techno. Fischerle has never been fascinated by the style of Basic Channel music and was definitely closer to personalities, such as Igor Stravinsky and Morton Feldman. Fischerle spits dub-techno backwards - without metaphysical pathos in the titles, without regard to the existing rules of combining sounds, without studio equipment and Moog delays. Fischerle is in favour of experimentation, combining different musical traditions, sound stains and good food. All tracks produced by Mateusz Wysocki.

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Dzenis Mantsevich | Laws Of Energy Conservation

Dzenis Mantsevich has been creating electronic music for a number of years and alongside his production work, is also a Live Performance Artist, putting on shows of ambient and techno. His interest in music dates back to 2003, with nature, good people and the many sounds he'd previously heard being noted as his inspiration. His ethos, both in his musical work and life, is to attempt to reach a harmony in thoughts and ideas, serenity and balance. All tracks produced by Dzenis Mantsevich.

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Liquid Level | Mind

Juraj Štumberger was born in 1974 in Zagreb, Croatia. A DJ in the early 90's, he is seen as one of the pioneers in promoting electronic music there. He began his work in the sphere of EBM and gradually specialized in others forms of electronic music such as psy-/progressive trance, minimal techno, breakbeat, dark industrial, dark ambient, dub-deep-tech and many more. After working as a DJ for some years he began collecting electronic music equipment and set to work on his own projects. All tracks produced by Juraj Štumberger.

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Madutec | Nippen Dub

Antonello Mereu alias Madutec is a musician and producer born in Sardinia. At the age of 10 he began to play the electronic organ, then moved onto study piano at the Conservatory of Cagliari . In 2008  the passion for the Electronic music developed and with the pseudonym "Madutec" he started to produce, influenced by music deep and Detroit. Over the years his sound developed more in a techno direction which can be heard in his current productions... All tracks produced by Antonello Mereu.

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Mr. Cloudy | Outlander

A new release, "Outlander" has two tracks and is a remarkable combination of classic Mr. Cloudy dub-sounds and more measured cool rhythms. The first track "Outlander II", can be called the entry, is executed in cold tones of extended sequences without excessive rhythm, combined with echo-dub-shaped effects. The second part of release, "CP II" is almost three times longer than the first track,and provides a reliable foundation for the release. It is in contrast to the first track with the expense of dynamics, and a minimalist touch of dark background texture giving the effect of mystery. All tracks produced by Sergey Barkalov.

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Dublicator | Ancient Vibrations

Tamás Olejnik alias Dublicator, born in Pécs, Hungary, has been releasing music steadily since 2006. His output extends across a multitude of monikers, broadcasting a wide variety of electronic composition. He is releasing his music under aliases Antendex, MetaComplex, Swimming Loop and more. He is working with labels such as Entropy, ZeECc, DeepInDub, Avantroots and so on. His Dublicator project has become a staple figure among the new generation of dub techno producers. All tracks produced by Tamás Olejnik.

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MaîtreDuMal | Dans Les Détails

MaîtreDuMal is the latest project from Plan9‘s electro producer. He was part of the Parisian trouble-making crew Sub:Culture which has, since 2003, organised electro and drum’n bass parties, alongside artists such as Mc Wapi and Niveau Zero. MaîtreDuMal is an electro-darkstep project comprising a héritage in metal music (guitarist in the french Death-metal band ‘Foetur’) and the electro/IDM genre. He is also a video games sound designer and composer. These influences led him to produce dark-pop melodies, rapped by crazy and dazzling sound-designed wobbles and sound effects. The whole is clocked and energised by nervous and frantic beat breaking, creating a demanding sonic experience for the listener. This Release “Dans les détails” is his debut EP. "It contains 4 tracks, introduced by “le Ventriloque” which is a presentation of the dominant and overwhelming character of the master of evil (French translation for “maître du mal”). This is the entrance to the CD, and the entrance to my sonic domain. So the requirement was that this entrance needed to be very impressive, climatic and dramatic: hence the orchestral intro, heavy black metal guitars, and haunting screaming leads, imposing such dark power and might. The second track “Mordred” is more an acoustic explosion of basses, FX and crazy rhythmic patterns. The structure is kind of fucked up, but in it's finale it turns out to make sense. I really enjoy getting lost in a track, and having a hard time getting back on my feet. As if the simple fact of losing your direction, gave you the right direction, finally… The third track is “le désepoir des singes”. This time I really wanted to emphasise the melodic side, and work on the best way to combine rhythmic efficiency with good harmonic narration and evolution throughout the track. I really love the way it advances at 3:20 with the really depressing sequence, and the progression to get to it. Nothing is predictable, though it seems very natural and fluid. This track is also not very logical, but I like getting deeper and deeper with that one ! The last track “Omnicrâne” is the closure of the EP, and the samples reflect the disturbed mind of a confused woman. The track is in a way schizophrenic - there is a first part, very electro, very melodic, with a harmonic crescendo that I really enjoy, and then the track morphs into something really harsh, with rhythmic cuts, big razor sharpened basses. And it comes to the final outro, which is a dark cold and windy place, where the lost woman thinks the voices in her head will stop when the little music box stops…..But it won’t stop…" Enjoy this mind-diving experience, a tragic galaxy of devilish yet fabulous musical wasteland !!! All tracks produced by Christophe Forner.

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Paranoia Department | Disturbance And Forgotten Diseases

Paranoia Department is an underground entity providing dark, moody, esoteric, visionary eletronic music. Tired of generic sounding music, sometimes clinical, detailed, dark and maniacal, sometimes genuinely naif, catchy and playful, his output always tries to cover three key words: eclecticism, originality and innovation, with space for the soul and absolute respect for the masters and the brilliant musical minds who have choose to be different. All tracks produced by Giuseppe Renda.

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Echochorus | Alley

Expert sound designer and controllerist, Echochorus has been featured as a key figure of the Latvian electronic music scene for producing some of the most essential experimental electronic, ambient and techno music of the past years. In 1996 he started improvising with old soviet synthesizers and effects, and since 2001 began experimenting with the stylistics of minimal and dub techno. The track 'Alley' was written under the impression of another place of Riga –a big park which was orginally an old cemetery (Rigas Lielie Kapi) previous to the Soviet times in the district of Senchu street (the name of street could be translated as The Street of the ancestors) and Hospitalu street (The Street of the Hospitals). All tracks produced by Kirils Lomunovs.

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Echochorus | Matu Ausis

Little Big Adventure – a live improvisation. This track is a gently ambient theme dedicated to all travelers in time and space ;)
The track track 'Matu Ausis' captures some strange moments in Andrey Tarkovsky’s 'Solaris' movie. The main role is lead by Lithuanian artist D.Banionis, and there is a scene when the camera fixes the profile of the protagonist and his ear in close up so the viewer can see the fine detail of the actor and the hair in his ear. This amused Echochorus. Thus Matu Ausis appeared. The word “matu” in Latvian means “hairs” and word “auss” means “ear”. The name “Matu Ausis” sounds like a Lithuanian theme, but this is, as such, fake Lithuanian. So with such unserious allegations of his Latvian roots and Lithuanian influence that he had in this visual experience. Plumber is another live techno experience recorded during live improvisation on Polivoks analog synth and two analog drum machines. The name for this track was suggested by his girlfriend who found the sounds of this experiment similar to the sound of the drops of water dripping from aged water pipes. Echochorus had an idea of live improvisation on the old soviet synthesizers and effects, showing their inner voice – as a sound from the other side of the iron curtain. He started improvisation in 1996 sparked by a curiosity of Benzo (Richardas Norvila from Moscow, Russia) who dedicated himself to a field of experiment almost contemporaneous with himself – he started in 1998. In 2004 – 2011 another improvisation of an experimental glitch ambient noise style (I may call it harsh disco) was published on the labels Nexsound, Lagunamuch and Silent Flow. He works with stylistics of minimal and dub techno since 2001, but has only just started to release his works (with assistance of label Entropy). As a result "I can offer the time proved feature".
All tracks produced by Kirils Lomunovs.

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Herbstlaub | Remnants

Remnants of sounds, remnants of things or remnants of things already lost.. All things are lost, eventually. "Remnants" (2012) isn't an attempt to get a grip on this matter, trying to give it a second life or as you can state alternatively: trying to lose the loss. On the contrary, this release is at the heart of the things which pass constantly through us, as every moment renews itself - to become: a new one; to become becoming and to lose itself again, in itself. To make this process tangible and harmonious, parts are alternated with broken sounds, occasionally sustained with deep, trembling invoking baselines. Repetitive parts are intensified with pure sounds until they get larger and larger, eventually cutting through you and resulting in an explicit awareness and feeling of the moment. Music as the phenomenology of loss -to become renewed and to become rigid again - because, also, music must stop; once. Hence the loss. Herbstlaub', a belgium ambient artist, who's sound can be described as warm, elongated melancholic layers which resemble both something of an eternal loss as well the concealed joy of continuous recollecting. Normally he is somewhere inbetween the head and the hands, combining ambient spheres with intelligent beats, for example in his latest album 'The Streets Aren't For Dreaming Youth'. However for this release on Entropy he totally disrobes himself of the beats and clicks to evoke a world which is dark, so dark indeed that it is actually hardly to conceive a darker one, but also, one which is pure at the same time. A world which is a witness of loss, but yet that you can experience over and again in only 22 minutes. All tracks produced by Jens Vydt.

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Esther Burns | The Genius Of The Crowd

« There is enough treachery, hatred violence absurdity in the average
human being to supply any given army on any given day

and the best at murder are those who preach against it
and the best at hate are those who preach love
and the best at war finally are those who preach peace... »

Opposed by the great Pope of liberalism Milton Friedman, "The genius of the crowd", a poem by Charles Bukowski reminds us to be vigilant against the speech from the dominant ideology. The text read by Bukowski is separated into three parts set to music by Esther Burns. The electronics are crossed guitars, old keyboards, piano and other mechanical sounds... Incredibly topicality, the text and its author appear as the flower of the cover: worn and faded, but beautiful, powerful and timeless.
All tracks produced by Emmanuel Chagrot & Philippe Sangara.

 Also in the shop, a limited number of their excellent album are availble.

A very nice 6 panels digisleeve with booklet, bonuses, old picture...


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The Spaced Goats | We Made Contact

After his beautiful Album released in 2010, The Spaced Goats offers us a new introspective adventure out of space and time... All tracks produced by Patrick Compagnon.

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Machinefabriek | Elastiek

I had been thinking of making a long form static drone piece for quite some time, but I just wasn't patient enough to actually do it. It takes some effort to let a sound be, and not being tempted to manipulate it. Though I won't call my music very wild, the 20 minutes of 'Elastiek' are by far the most continuous I've done. And I think it's best to listen to not as a musical piece, but more as an ongoing 'state'. Oviously, there's not much action in the composition, but it's all in the details. The focus gradually shifts from one frequency to another, causing slow, barely perceptable movements. When I stretched out the piano tone used in this work, I noticed that I was listening to it like I would listen to a refrigerator, or some air vent... not looking for progress in the audio, but diving into the sound, and focussing on different beating frequencies, timbres and tones that are to be found when listening closely. Like dissecting it under a microscope. All tracks produced by Rutger Zuydervelt.

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In addition to all these new releases, we are pleased and  likwise proud to present in the STORE SECTION many excellent and higly recommended releases from Confineless, ZeECc, Silent Season, Cold Tear, Databloem... Be sure to check them out! 

Futhermore, we have few copies of the brillant French ambient-experimental and avant-gardiste oriented magazine Fear Drop. Each issue comes with a CD compilation containing the highest quality music of the genre.


So to conclude, we feel the musical selection brought to you this time around is one of our strongest yet, and am sure you'll not want to miss a single thing here... each and everyone is being essential listening. All releases are available digitally and physically and samples are available within the pages on the site... be sure to take a listen, enjoy and then spread the word.

Much love until next time.....



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