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Newsletter #29 | Mr. Cloudy's retrospective, 18ème Boudoir, The Nautilus Project....

Hi folks,

Mr. Cloudy's retrospective.

For his 30th releases Sergey Barkalov, one of the finest Russia's purveyors of dub influenced techno music, is back with his latest album Explorer...

We also have an impressive selection of re-mastered re-issued releases in the Drugstore Edition: Increase, Different Lives, Grey, Music From Cellars, Shades of The Deep...

Mr. Cloudy | Explorer

Mr. Cloudy | Increase [Remastered]

Mr. Cloudy | Different Lives [Remastered]

Mr. Cloudy | Grey [Remastered]

Mr. Cloudy | Music From Cellars [Remastered]

Mr. Cloudy | Shades Of The Deep

Mr. Cloudy | Outlander

Mr. Cloudy | Outskirts [Redux]

Mr. Cloudy. | Transaction With Mind (Moon Dub)

Mr. Cloudy | Increase

Mr. Cloudy | Different Lives

Mr. Cloudy. | Grey

Mr. Cloudy | Music From Cellars

Mr. Cloudy | Shades Of The Deep

Mr. Cloudy. | Depth Studies

18ème Boudoir | Le Cycle Des Lumières
(2xCD Collector Limited to 100 copies.)

We are extremely proud to release this wonderful avant-garde jazz/classical piece concocted by
Philippe Lechat & Jacques Vautier. Go forth and chekc out the audio clips to make your mind...

... more info and live showcase...

The Nautilus Project | Dresden-Neustadt At Night

The Nautilus Project is an open Music World created by Marcel "Nemo" Frehse. Marcel launched the project in May 2008 due to his passion for Deep/Dub Techno and Ambient/Drone. Since that very first release, Marcel established his own individual sound. His roots can be found in the 80’s touching different subscultures of Techno, Electronica and hand-made music of Reggae, Ethno and Jazz. After a few years of development, The Nautilus Project now ranges between nautical themes, atmospheric nature based excursions and postmodern sci-fi-world explorations. Along the way, Marcel gained much inspiration from the involvement in numerous collaborative projects.

„Dresden-Neustadt At Night“ is the debut Nautilus Project appearance on Entropy Records. It's a very personal release and was created, recorded, produced and arranged over a couple of months during 2012 using Marcel's own field recordings taken whilst in a number of different settings. The project intends to portray the mixture of memories and experiences within the well known hotspots of the City of Dresden-Neustadt; showcasing its mesmerising nightlife and unique places, peoples and moments. The EP includes two colourful remixes, one dark and swirling one by Teemu T and a soft and meditative by his very close friend Jaymon.

Octex | Deadcenter Of Nowhere

Brickman | Structures And Textures

The Nautilus Project | Dresden-Neustadt At Night

Brickman | Structures And Textures

Coppice Halifax | Reflector

Zzzzra | Obehixa

Mr. Cloudy | Explorer

G.R.I.T. | Expanse (The Remixes - Part I)

G.R.I.T. | Expanse (The Remixes - Part II)

follow your instinct...

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