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Newsletter #31 | Thought For The Day - Sendai (donation release)

Dear Friends,

Thought for the Day
Jan Linton with Matthew Seligman | Sendai 仙台

A donation release for Japan
Sendai City Govt Reconstruction Fund
"When Jan approached me with this project, I was initially a little surprised, as the music was, to say the least, unusual. His were strange futuristic visions, static and motionless, layers of electronic sound. But I was curious. Within these restless moments, I found a strange and uneasy kind of serenity. As is often the case with such pieces, they seemed to be designed not so much to be easy to listen to as easy not to, but to take the non-listener to their mind's ear and through to somewhere else. To be played very loud, or very quiet, but never in between. So I improvised some "ambient bass", and sent it back across the world for him, and the next time I passed through Hong Kong, we played some of this live in Wan Chai with Yan, and here now you have it.

Except for the first of these pieces, each ends sooner than the earthquake of March 11th did, whilst the first is about a minute longer. It is a long time to be scared, but sadly, for those living on the coast, it was still not over and approximately 40 minutes later the tsunami waves began to hit, as many school kids walked home alone, as they do in Japan. I was not here when it happened, but working in London. The next day, a Saturday, ANA let me cash in some air miles at Heathrow and jump on a plane. "You must go" the girl at the desk said. Wako and Kotoro put me up for a few days in Tokyo, and a bus carried me into Sendai the following Wednesday, by which time the lid had come off in Fukushima, 100 kilometers south.

There are thousands of different stories of the horrors of that day, the most unimaginable of which can never be told. And whilst the waves were over 8 meters high along more than 100 kilometers of coastline, and you will find a lot of video on the internet, none of it is of a wave of even half that, again for obvious reasons. History is written by the survivors. It is just a fraction of the story.

But if these pieces resonate with some of those unspoken horrors, perhaps they can also mark the recovery and strength of those who lived and continue to live through this event and it's aftermath. Because although in Sendai the aftershocks continue in the minds of the people, as much as in the earth beneath them, there is also new life, recovery and joy. It continues to be home, and will remain so, whatever the future brings.

Right now, 21 months later, Christmas is coming once again, and the first snow has fallen. Daisy sleeps beside me, and tomorrow is Tuesday. I will meet Seiji, Danny, Yoshiaki and Chikako and go to Crosby's jazz bar. Sound, like earthquakes and tsunamis, travels in waves. I hope that those that reach you bring good fortune and forgiveness, laughter and smiles, happiness, wishes and dreams, because there are a lot of those things still here for sharing."

M x
Entropy Records "Thought For The Day" presents ED.006:

Jan Linton and Matthew Seligman | Sendai 仙台

ED.006 is a limited edition to 100 copies.

"Recorded From Korg SQD8 to Reaper".
Synths and sequencer, guitars: Jan Linton.
Basses and Moog on "Radio": Matthew Seligman.
Thanks to Craig, Karen and Yan.
Titles composed by Linton except "Earth" (Linton/Seligman).

Thanks to SENDAI 光のページェント for photo rights.
Photo place: Sendai-shi, Miyagi-ken, Japan.
Mastering and package concept designed by David Ya.

Sendai still need your help!
Thank you for buying this release, all earnings go to
Sendai City Govt Reconstruction Fund

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