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Newsletter #32 | Octal Industries vinyl, Echochorus, Hideyoshi, Fischerle, Mr. Cloudy releases.

Best Wishes for 2013!

First and foremost we want to wish a Happy New Year to everybody who has supported us over the last year! We've really felt the support of all our followers who never fail to make our productions utterly next level!

Entropy Records is proud to announce its first vinyl release and the come back of the wonderful:

Octal Industries | Himinglæva / Meeting Of The Waves.

Octal Industries is a collaboration of two experienced cannons in the electronic music scene – Michael Sickinger from the United States and Jonas Thor Gudmundsson from Iceland.

Sickinger has been releasing music under various names, such as Spectral Network, Satori Corporations and Lovely Mornings, and founded the labels Combat Zone (1989-1993), Influx (1993-1996) and Halcyon Recordings (1997-1999). Later on he founded the labels Transistor Rhythm and Octal, who have released artists such as 90s techno hit The Grid, the psychedelic techno-shaman Terrence McKenna and the dub techno legend Rod Modell from the Deep Chord-fame.

Jonas Thor Gudmundsson, better known as Ruxpin first started producing music at the age of 14. His first release Mission EP was released on Uni:Form Recordings 1999 and the same year his first LP entitled Radio was released on the same label. Through his debut album he got in touch with the highly acclaimed label Elektrolux where he released his next two LPs (Midnight Drive & Avalon), alongside with one LP on their sublabel Mikrolux. In late 2006 he released his fifth full length album Elysium on Mikrolux. In 2010 he released his sixth album on n5MD, Where Do We Float From Here? Following that release came a free online release I Wonder if This is the Place, which featured remixes by artists such as Leon Somov, Galaktlan, Biogen, Ijo and Worm is Green alongside additional tracks by Ruxpin himself. In his collaboration project with Fannar Ásgrímsson from Plastik Joy came to life with the release of their debut album Love in Times of Repetition in 2012 under the pseudonym Asonat. In 2013 the seventh release of Ruxpin will see the day of light on n5MD.

In 2004 the first fruit of the collaboration between them saw the day of light with the release of Automatik EP on the Transistor Rhythm output. Couple of years later they joined their friend Deep Chord for a shared 12“ release, which today is a quite a valuable gem for dub techno lovers. The three of them joined hands together later that year to create a 3x12“ release undir the pseudanym Spectral Network. The release was quite limited (111 copies) and was considered one of the most interesting 12“ releases that year by many critics.

After the release of the Spectral Network eps the duo went for hiatus as other projects took over, also as opportunity for musical collaborations became harder as the Atlantic Ocean divides them. In 2011 the duo was asked by the french independent label Entropy Records to remix Mr. Cloudy. There was an opportunity to explore the collaboration further and the sparkle came back. Another remix followed for G.R.I.T. which was hailed by dubtechnoblog.com as the best remix of the year 2012.

Forthcoming in 2013 is a 12“ release entitled Himinglæva, which is due in late february, and a full-length album entitled Meeting of the Waves on Entropy Records. In 2013 Octal Industries will perform live for the first time, though only half of the band will do the performance for now.

Meeting Of The Waves CD Album + Himinglæva Vinyl EP
COLLECTOR edition is limited to 100 copies, including:

EP: "Himinglæva" 12'', 45rpm, transparent-blue with purple speckles 140grm vinyl.
Vinyl is pressed from an analog sound lacquer.
Plastic inner sleeve to hold the vinyl.
Special black sleeve, silk finish.
Deluxe outer PVC sleeve.
ALBUM: "Meeting Of Waves" Pro-CDr inserted in a black paper pocket with full colours glossy label.
Hand-numbered vinyl and CD.
Shipped in a strong vinyl-dedicated-cardboard box.

Written & Produced by Jónas Thor Gudmundsson.
Artwork & Package concept designed by David Ya.

12'' tracklist:

A. Himinglæva #1
B1. Himinglæva #2
B2. Himinglæva #3

CD tracklist:

1. Dröfn #1
2. Dröfn #2
3. Unn #1
4. Unn #2
5. Hefring #1
6. Hefring #2
7. Himinglæva #1
8. Himinglæva #2
9. Himinglæva #3
10. Himinglæva #4
11. Bylgja #1
12. Kólga #1

Fischerle | Selected Works: 1970-2015

"A little surprising title of the album is not intended to set a date for my passing away or misleading the biographers. While working on "Selected Works: 1970 - 2015" I had the strong impression that some of the tracks could have been done much earlier, while others created thanks to a vague hunch and insight into the future." Fischerle.

Fischerle - a project of modest response to the current flooding of the internet by academic and boring dub-techno. Fischerle has never been fascinated by the style of Basic Channel music and was definitely closer to personalities, such as Igor Stravinsky and Morton Feldman. Fischerle spits dub-techno backwards - without metaphysical pathos in the titles, without regard to the existing rules of combining sounds, without studio equipment and Moog delays. Fischerle is in favor of the experiment, combining different musical traditions, sound stains and good food.

Besides Fischerle, Mateusz Wysocki participates in numerous projects, of which worth mentioning are: Porcje Rosolowe (laptop improvisations wandering around the glitch aesthetics and noise – with the collector of comic books - Lech Nienartowicz) and Szubrawy Kot (audio-guides on the border between field-recording and instrumental hip-hop to ensure good quality sex). Fischerle published in netlabel Qunabu (PL), Pawlacz Perski Tapes (PL) and foreign labels such as Instabil (DE), Entropy Records (FR) and Vague Terrain (CA). Upshots: several music concerts and sound installations performed under different aliases in Poland and abroad: Kernel Festival 2011 (Milan/Italy), Hilltown Festival 2011 (Hilltown/Ireland), Augenmusic in Center of Contemporary Art (Torun/Poland), Noises in the Void (Spain), Reworks Festival 2011 (Thessaloniki/Greece), McNeill Street Pumping Station New Music Festival (Shreveport/USA), Streaming Festival 2011 (Hague/Netherlands), Mózg (Bydgoszcz/PL), Glosna (Poznan/Pl).

Limited to 36 copies.
3'' Audio-CD (full colours glossy label).
Deluxe triangular 8 panels digisleeve
(Matt & 'spiral shape' varnish coating, black foam CD clip).
High-Quality PVC sleeve.

Produced and Mastered by Mateusz Wysocki.
Photography by Paul Takahashi.
Package concept designed by David Ya.

1. Wilt, White Dub
2. For The Always Young Ricky
3. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?

Mr. Cloudy | Transport Under The Clouds

Mr. Cloudy is Sergey Barkalov. Russia's finest purveyor of brooding dub influenced techno music. He brings us 20 minutes of deep dub-techno ambient sound to be lulled one more time into the clouds...

Limited to 36 copies.
3'' Audio-CD (full colours glossy label).
Deluxe triangular 8 panels digisleeve
(Matt & 'spiral shape' varnish coating, black foam CD clip).
High-Quality PVC sleeve.

Produced and Mastered by Sergey Barkalov.
Mastered by MmcM.
Photography by Paul Takahashi.
Package concept designed by David Ya.


Echochorus | Aelita

Aelita is the first professional full length CD album of the Echochorus, new musical project of Kirils Lomunovs. This feature has come by means of soviet synthesizers as a try to construct modern sound like a continuation for the visual reality built at soviet movie “Aelita.The Queen of Mars”(director Yakov Protazanov, USSR, 1924).

There are not such many artists, who would produce 100% analog albums nowadays. Aelita CD based on pure “Soviet” sound in full and represents RAW ANALOG LIVE RECORDED TECHNO!

Echochorus brought a possibility to hear authentic soviet vintage analog synthesizers only: Aelita, Polivoks, Formanta EMS-01, Altair-231, Alisa-1387, Estradin-230 and also the analog drum-machine Rmif-ES -2-5 and analog drum synths Lell UDS and Formanta UDS.

Aelita is a pure improvisation recorded on magnetic tape recorder. The process of recording Aelita tracks is similar to the work was made on another wide known project of Kirils Lomunovs – Astrowind, Paleopsychedelic ambient music project.

“The main mood of Aelita came as retrospection - separate memories from my soviet childhood. Such kind of a flashback: black and white glimpsing on a screen of an old soviet TV set, strange symbiosis of avant-garde picture and propaganda… This flavors Aelita compilation with meditative and deliberative but antagonistic character.” Kirils Lomunovs, Echochorus

Expert sound designer and controllerist has been featured as a key figure of the Latvian electronic music scene for producing some of the most essential experimental electronic, ambient and techno music of the past years. In 1996 started improvisation on the old soviet synthesizers and effects, since 2001 experimented with stylistics of minimal and dub techno. As a Kriipis Tulo was involved in such experimental electronic music events as Jazz Giants:Past/Present Riga (2001), Sound Forest - festival of avant-garde music and video art (2003-2005) and also Pan Sonic (2002), Yoshio Machida (2003) and Phill Niblock (2004) live performances. In collaboration with Voldemars Johansons worked for an audio installation "Gaismas pils", inspired by the project of the Latvian New National Library of the same name and presented it on the Architectural biennial NEXT (Venice) and KIMAF 2002 (Kiev). In 2002 completed an EP entitled Ujuja (in Estonian means “swimming”).

At October 2004 participated @ MOKS Media Art Symposium in Estonia. In autumn 2005 created original soundtrack music for video installation "Exposed Paintings" for exhibition of one of the most popular Latvian painters Ritums Ivanovs. In 2005 as sound producer worked on a short film "Alise" (Director Asnate Ribena). In 2004-2006 as Kriipis Tulo collaborating with Luis Ortiz for remix projects on Sinergy-Networks . In 2006 founded Astrowind project and presented new soundtrack to the “Dreamers” – a new exhibition of Ritums Ivanovs in spring 2008. Astrowind released several significant albums which declared forward-loocking style – paleopsychedelic ambient. Essential Astrowind’s album “Kaidanovsky” published in Italy in 2012. Astrowind is a key line and the project simultaneous with EchoChorus activities managed by same person. From 2008 started performing as a DJ.

Produced by Kirils Lomunovs
Artwork by Caterine Kurikoer based
on Yakov protazanov's movie “Aelita“, 1924 - USSR.
Package concept designed by David Ya.

1. Queen Of Mars
2. Aelita (Los)
3. Yelena
4. Creaky Old Memory
5. Ghosts Of Mars
6. Aelita
7. Aelita (Ihochka)
8. Flight To The Stratosphere
9. Stir Of Echoes
10. Aelita (Ihochka Variant)
11. Tuskub
12. Gor
13. Ezermala
14. Aelita (Variant)
15. Curiosity
16. Nakurillo


Hideyoshi | Tokyo Crazy Diamond

HIDEYOSHI was born in Tokyo. From the time of childhood, it went almost every day to the nightclub, music and an image were touched, and sensitivity was polished. Such a sense and the talent gain popularity greatest support from Director TAKESHI KITANO. In a movie “Zatoichi”, it deals with a remix work, and at Venice International Film Festival, a work will be poured at the convention hall and it will play a role in the Golden Lion award which is the highest honor. In addition, the main works "KILL BILL","arena", and "Sergio Mendes", GAME, a live image, and much other Preview. "DJ activity" is started not only in the name of "VJ activity" but in the name of [HIDEYOSHI aka], [BOND BOY HIDE]. Also in an offer, the sensitivity as an image writer pours in from overseas. Costarring is achieved also with leading important figure merit group DJ and others in domestic, and musical piece work is also performed energetically. The peculiar sharp sensitivity charms an audience. Filmography Image supervisor: Zatoichi, arena, KILL BILL, Sergio Mendes, etc...

Produced by Hideharu Ito
Package concept designed by David Ya.

1. Cicada-Midwinter
2. Taxi-Driver
3. Micro-Alpha
4. Artillery
5. Void-Time
6. RIP
7. Word-A
8. Over-Wall


Jan Linton with Matthew Seligman | Sendai ??

Octex | Deadcenter Of Nowhere

18ème Boudoir | Le Cycle Des Lumières

Brickman | Structures And Textures

Mr. Cloudy | Shades Of The Deep

Mr. Cloudy | Explorer

Herbstlaub | This Grace Is Only Reaching Out To Surrender

Grad_U | Surface Variations

The Nautilus Project | Operations

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