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Newsletter #34 | Parks and Celer new albums.


November 2013,

[ER.016]   Parks | Snowblind

Parks is solo project of composer and musician from Saint Petersburg, Russia, Igor Bystrov.

Igor was born at Krasnodar, Russia. He learned in musical school, then in Sochi Musical College and Rostov Conservatory on Estrada class. At the moment Igor is living at Saint Petersburg.

It's difficult enough to belongs the Parks music to a specific genre. At the first look this is an ambient, echoes of trip-hop and new age could be listened. More listening, more understanding that ambient is not more than echo due its sampler nature. Talking about samples, the people working with Igor are saying he is real master in sample processing and transforming.

First album Music of full Moon was recorded in 1990 but was released just in 2000. Everybody who listened it are suprised by this fact, so fresh is its sound.

Second was Where Trees End, recorded in 1991 and published in Spring 2001, almost ten years.
Then there was small time-out, marked with Postcolor Sensation (X-Love mix) video clip translated on NBN TV-channel and very first Parks publication - Trains was selected for "Eastern Hit" compilation from Contrforce. At the same time Igor recorded Umber and The Depths albums.

"Snowblind" released on Entropy Records is dedicated to the memory of my grandfather. He was able to extend the life and saw everything he wanted...

Produced & mastered by Igor Bystrov.
Package concept designed by David Ya.
Cover photograph by Igor Bystrov.

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[ER.014]   Celer | Climbing Formation

Dear Jerry,

I'm somewhere around 20,000 feet, and I think I'm freezing to death. Please send blankets. We're on the way to oversee a polar station in the middle of nowhere. It's 9 hours there, and 9 hours back. On this giant plane, there's only 6 of us. There's somebody in this nose compartment with me, for Arctic topography. He's constantly airsick from staring at the moving ground. As the medical officer, my job is mostly passing out airsick bags, and wearing 3 flight suits so I won't freeze to death.

I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner next week at home, and I'll be happy to see you. Mother is running in tight circles at home getting ready for the occasion, and Daddy is fasting so he can make the most of the brief period of gluttony. I heard about the menu already, but I'll let that be a surprise for you. It will be great to have a home-cooked meal again. I think we had frozen chicken for dinner last night.

It's mid-day now, and all I can see ahead of us is endless flat ice. Thankfully the water system in the BOQ at Ladd is now fixed. For the last few weeks, we've all had to shower next door, and then run at high speed back to our building through the sub-zero temperatures. I'm seriously jealous of you in Guam. Sitting on the beach, playing gold, swimming in the ocean. Want to trade? Alaska is beautiful, if you want a change.

See you next week,

William A. Long, Jr., Fairbanks, November 15, 1960

Our flight to Tokyo left at 5pm, following the sunset to the west as we climbed north for 3 hours. The airport was filled with tourists on their way home, with boxes of mangoes and pineapples. It was mango day yesterday. Soon after we got to cruising altitude, the islands disappeared into endless ocean, and everyone seemed to fall asleep. The stewardess offering ice cream passed by unnoticed, and the passengers sank into their straw hats. The lights stay low, but I keep watching out the window, continually sucked into the sunset, and the distant mountains of clouds hanging over the ocean. Even Rie falls asleep, and the outside seems to gently disappear for all the sleeping passengers. The holiday is over, and we're returning home.

When we reach Tokyo, it's already dark, and the farm fields of Narita are dark blue and foggy in the evening mist, the small yellow lights of the houses sitting still under the half-hidden new moon edging over the horizon. Tomorrow I'll develop our film, and we'll start taking pictures again. There are always those leftover shots after a trip, of the just-after-returning from a trip photos. They're of your home, or people and places you see everyday. But maybe in the end, these are the most genuine from the entire roll.

Will Long, Tokyo, 2013

Climbing Formation is packaged in a matte-coated, full color digipak, pressed on a glass-mastered CD in an edition of 500 copies with postcard bonus.

Celer is Will Long, who currently lives in Tokyo, Japan. He curates and manages the label Two Acorns, and is involved with the Normal Cookie and Bun Tapes labels. He handles all releases, communication, and distribution of Celer, Chubby Wolf, and Rangefinder, also performing live occasionally, and collaborating with other artists. Celer has published more than 100 releases in North America, Asia, and Europe. Currently he is collaborating together many artists such as with Miko under the name Oh, Yoko, and has been a part of other individual projects with Hakobune, Machinefabriek, Mathieu Ruhlmann, Nicholas Szczepanik, Yui Onodera, Christoph Heemann, Corey Fuller, and Tomoyoshi Date.

Synthesizer, Organ, Tape Loops by Will Long.
Recorded June 2012 in Tokyo.
Cover photograph by Jerry Long, courtesy of Will Long.
Package concept designed by David Ya & Will Long.
Mastering by David Ya.

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