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Newsletter #8 | Wired Thoughts & news...

Dear friends,

Voila, this one-year project work is finally reached!


I spent my whole weekend to finish the package of Wired Thoughts Special Collector Edition.
A very long weekend chopping (4400 small cardstocks one by one) sticking, packing all your orders with lots of good thoughts for all of you. 12 minutes per package :)
Everything is now shipped and may even be already arrived to you?

I hope you have as much fun listening to this project we had to accomplish it?
You can also take your brain to rebuild the "dub techno wall"...

Unfortunately (or hopefully), this collector edition is sold out for latecomers.
However, it remains the standard limited edition that contains the essential: music!

You can get Wired Thoughts from our online shop or to our favorite partner shop:

On DATABLOEM website shop
you can find all you need to feed your brain with fresh amazing music from deep dark ambient to brighter soundscapes.
Don't miss to check it out! This is the best ambient service ^^

Finally, those who prefer Digital version can get an immediate download of 33-tracks album and extra pictures/info
in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

* Get it from here : Bandcamp WIRED THOUGHTS digital release
By the way, dj Noein has made an excellent "Entropy Records Showcase Mix"
100% made with Entropy Records releases and forthcoming releases ^^...

I really recommend you get an ear on it! Please download by clicking here: Download Entropy Records Showcase Mix now... or listen to soundcloud form there : CLICK HERE...

What's next on Entropy Records?

As soon as possible (I prefer to be cautious instead of saying the famous "coming soon")... Okay, so:

In main ER catalog, we will have 2xLP of Inner Signal - Greenwashing, I will talk more about this artist in the next newsletter.
Then, Beatsystem - The Sound Of Two Eskimos Kissing.
Yes, a new Beatsystem album! The same band as the one who released on the legendary em:t label!). I'm really proud to release this one in a special collector edition, you'll see.

Then for dub techno-compatible lovers:
- Liquid Level - Transitions album, incredible tracks in it + EP en more, I'm impatient to share this one to you...
- Lo - Soft Exposure, an innovative album with some unsual dub techno sounds arrangements.
- Grad_U album revealing a great ambient work around chords.

Later in 2011, we'll get amazing LP & EP from Creative Code, Musicians With Guns, Slow Noise, Silent Flowers Observer, David Ya, Fisherle, Dublicator, Dzenis Mantsevich...

Also, if you want to chat about Entropy Records projects or Random Thoughts mixes, have a look to our easy-to-use FORUM....

Cheers & Stay tuned @ www.entropy-records.com
Try before you buy, but buy before we die!

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