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SeHou | No More Lights

  • Physical Release date: 2012-06-01
  • Style: Techno, Experimental, Dubstep
  • Label: Confineless
  • Catalog#: Confineless005
  • Limited to 100 copies.

Born in the late 80’s he takes his first steps towards the music as a child playing guitar n drums.
He began loving electronic music and he starts following artists such as Royksopp n The Knife,so popular around 2000,and he starts appreciating all the club scene close to this kind of sounds.Thats when he feels the need to express himself,evolving his sound trough the various undergrounds trends in the time. He has played in many clubs,djing on the local party circuit,until 2008/9 when he decides to get close to the music production.
He starts collaborations with some Techno/House labels like All Inn,Be As One,Leftroom,Mixx Records and so on.


 12,00 € 

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